Catherine Luma Malone

I have always been fascinated by the forces that create life, worlds and experiences. A deep yearning for harmony and to understand the deeper levels of who I am, where I came from, how I arrived on planet Earth, what my purpose is and how to live with the paradoxes of light and dark have propelled me along a spiritual path.  My unquenchable curiosity has led me to explore life from many different perspectives.

I gazed up at the stars and wanted to speak their language so I studied astrology for many years. Rocks, water, plants, flowers and trees have so much to share, so I stopped and listened to their wisdom. My mind was tricky and mercurial, so I went to India and trained in yoga to learn how to manage it. Migraine headaches plagued me, so I sought the advice of and trained with many healers to ease the pain. I wanted to travel to the places in my dreams, other timelines, other dimensions, other worlds, so I read a lot of books and developed an excellent imagination. Music and sounds had a powerful effect on me so I explored altering states of consciousness through chanting and sound.

One day I discovered the Akashic Records. Hurray!! I can finally get some really good answers. I still have a lot of questions. I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who had a lot of questions so I learned how to help people answer their own questions. I feel incredibly honoured to show people the way to the Akashic realms and witness them transform when they discover an answer and remember a little bit more about who they are, why they are here and how they are always home. And that is magical.

How I Sense Subtle Energy

I see~feel~hear~know subtle energy patterns and pathways. The mass of curls on my head are actually sensitive antennae! I notice things that others don’t see. I understand myself as an Inter-dimensional Being and work on many levels simultaneously. I often feel like a inter-dimensional explorer, cartographer, scribe, gatekeeper, sound and light weaver and holographic technician/re-programmer. I open and adjust lenses and angles of perception. I travel in the unseen realms, shine light in the dark and discover insights in unexpected places. I track energy patterns to their source points. I speak key words and phrases as activations, memory cues and wake up calls. I describe what I see in carefully chosen metaphors so that you can see~feel~hear~know and consciously participate in the interactive holographic akashic field. I open dragonfly vision and am willing to see from as many perspectives as I can. I experience a greater depth of love of everything when I use and share my abilities. I believe in magic. I recognize you as part of me and me as part of you, as cells in one big cosmic body seeking balance and coherence.

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