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November 2011
Clearing Karmic Backlog!

Have you noticed things on all levels are much more intense, accelerated and amplified? At this time on earth we are in the midst of what is known as a Stellar Activation Cycle. This means there is a rapid influx of massive amounts of cosmic frequency streaming into Earth. These powerful cosmic energies awaken our potential as well as stir up karmic imprints in order to release them. As old patterning clears away, there is literally more space in our being to embody our awakening spiritual selves and directly experience the wonders of expanded states of consciousness.

Affects you may be noticing could be; intense rollercoaster emotions, unusual visuals (seeing points of light, colours, energy fields), core issues surfacing that you thought you had already healed, shifts in the way you access spiritual guidance from other realms and beings, very vivid and unusual dreams, heightened sensory and extra-sensory perception, stronger intuition, urgent feeling you should be doing something but you don’t know what, no longer interested in activities or social circles that you once found fulfilling, chaos , overwhelm and fear as well as moments of a deep inner knowingness that everything is going to be okay. How do we move through these experiences with greater ease and understanding?

Karmic Backlog
One thing we need to understand is that Earth and everything on it has a massive karmic backlog. We have been unable to resolve, clear and integrate karmic imprints for eons. When we feel caught in repetitive patterns and see no way out we are caught in the wheel of karma.
Karmas keep playing out again and again seeking resolution. We carry karmic imprints from other incarnations and levels of identity, our parents, our planet, our galaxy and meta-galaxy. That’s a huge load of karma! No wonder it feels daunting and overwhelming when we set out on healing ourselves, there are just so many layers to contend with! So, how can we take care of this huge karmic backlog? If you think you have to do this all by yourself, you will definitely feel overwhelmed and see no way you to clean up this mess. The good news is that you do have help.

You Are Not Alone
In my August newsletter I wrote about your limited self and your infinite self. (If you would like to read that article click here). Your limited self is basically walking around in a state of total or partial amnesia. It believes it is confined to a physical body, living in a single dimension, that there is no human-like life anywhere else in the universe and has a troubled relationship with God-Source. This is the part of your self that feels overwhelmed and threatened by change. It would, quite frankly, prefer to pull the blankets up over its head and hide or go back to sleep. Your infinite self, however, remembers who you truly are, knows it is a multi-dimensional being that is connected to a web of many other lifeforms and know itself as an emanation of God-Source. This aspect of yourself is at home in these cosmic frequencies and is able to work co-creatively with them. It can also commune with the host of benefic beings available to assist us through this spiritual awakening process. This part of your self is ready, willing and able to clear all kinds of karmic mess.

The River of Cosmic Frequencies
When I work with individuals in healing sessions, much of what I do is to hold an expanded space in which a person can connect to this higher self aspect. When connected to this higher aspect you have the space and perspective to view your experiences rather than being immersed in them. It is this self that can access your personal akashic record and divine blueprint. This is where you can see the larger patterns and influences coming from other lifetimes and dimensions. Seeing the patterns is the first step in releasing them. Some karmic material clears quickly while others take more time, care and dedication. So rather than getting pulled into the dramas unfolding, take a deep breath, expand your awareness and allow the river of cosmic energies to move through you. It is big enough to hold and heal anything that you have experienced. With these cosmic frequencies now available, you have a unique opportunity to complete and clear very quickly if you choose it. And remember that what you are experiencing on a personal level is part of the larger cosmic movements of Earth's 26,556 year ascension cycle. Be compassionate, forgiving and patient with yourself and others.

For in depth information on Stellar Alignment Cycles, I recommend reading the Voyagers books by Ashayana Deane.


"As old patterning clears away, there is literally more space in our being to embody our awakening spiritual selves and directly experience the wonders of expanded states of consciousness."

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