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“I see you, all of you, your dark and your light. I embrace all of you, the wholeness that you ever were, always are, ever shall be. Welcome home beloved. Shed the skin of the exile that you have worn, for it has become too small, too thread bare to cloth the magnificence that you are. Stand now in the dignity, integrity and sovereignty that is the birthright of the eternally star born.”

Stellar Soul Attunement & Guidance Sessions
During a consultation
I hold a safe, compassionate and expanded space for you to explore and experience the bigger picture and higher dimensions of who you are. I assist you to access the living memory matrix and understand your current situation from your soul's perspective. When the gateways to these planes of higher consciousness are open, you can step out of limiting concepts and parameters of linear time and make shifts efficiently and effectively. 

Together we can clear obsolete thought forms, belief structures, ego identities, soul and ancestral trauma imprints and
uncover patterns that have blocked your soul essence flow. Attune with your higher levels of identity and activate a clearer, more joyful expression of your destiny.
UPgrade your multi-dimensional circuity for greater ease in navigating rapid change and integrating new light frequencies.

Sessions can be done by phone, skype,
or in person. As I work in the akashic or etheric realms, where everything is understood as energy, working by phone can actually be more effective than working in person. Sessions can be recorded if you wish.

In person sessions are available Vancouver or Victoria, BC. Please join my email list to receive this month's appointment dates.

Phone Session Rates
30 minutes  ~ $65
60 minutes
~ $100
Phone Session Series 4 @ 1 hour ~ $350

In Person Session Rates

60 minutes  ~ $120
90 minutes ~ $150
In Person Session Series 4 @ 1 hour ~ $444

Please contact me for special youth rates (under 30)

Benefits of a session can include:

  • Heal relationships by understanding the purpose of that connection on a soul level
  • Reduce stress, imbalances, excessive mental/emotional pressures
  • Clearer decision making by seeing choices from a soul perspective rather than a limited ego perspective
  • Understand your higher service mission beyond ego agendas
  • See your challenges as opportunities to shift your consciousness  
  • Change your experience of reality by realizing you are a conscious co-creator
  • Clear karmic baggage inherited through ancestors, human history, galactic race lineages
  • Remember you are a Multi-dimensional BEing. YAY! Expand into a fuller capacity spectrum expression of who you truly are.
  •  Feel lighter, freer, brighter, literally more space for Spirit to embody and express through your physical form
  • Trust your inner knowing and release self-doubt
  • Activate spiritual anatomy so you can run and hold a fuller spectrum of frequency
  • Feel more at home on Earth and in your Earth body. Starseed landings!
  •  Sense of belonging through reconnecting with your spirit lineages, wisdom streams, soul family and star races
  •  Heal trauma imprints from the experience of living in separation, fear and lack


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