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Video Class & Guided Journey :: Upgrade to Your Higher Frequency Self

It is a beautiful summer day, illuminated with warm, golden light, birds singing, trees swaying gracefully in the breeze and yet you feel anxious, worried, think you should be doing something else, wondering if you are on track, trying to figure out how to fulfill your purpose. Why do you feel this way? How can you choose to place your attention on the wonder of life all around you and expand into the delight of experiencing it all instead? Time to upgrade to a new version of you!

I explain how during this video class. I serve up a full helping of soul nourishing insights and mind expanding perspectives. Also included is a guided journey to access soul memory and relax into pure Presence.

Here's what you will receive: 

  • 1 hour video illuminating how to upgrade your old self to a new, more enjoyable way of experiencing your life. I will be sharing images for those of you who are visual learners. This will be sent as a video link so you can watch it anytime.

  • 30 minute guided audio journey to remember, align, embody and relax into your Pure Presence. Recorded as an mp3 file. This will include the sound toning that I do at beginning of all my sessions. Many of you have requested more toning, as it is so transformative, so here it is! This part is audio only so you can lay down, close your eyes and relax deeply into expanded states of consciousness.

Here's how to order:

Send $25 by e-transfer to


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Video link and mp3 recording will be emailed to you shortly after your payment is received.

I share some of the knowledge that forms the basis of the work I do in individual sessions and show you images of what I "see" with my multi-sensory perception. If you have been working with me, this will help you to integrate the session work at a deeper level. If you are new to my work, this will give you an experience of what I offer. The guided journey will take you into the deeply relaxed, expanded state of consciousness that I work in during individual sessions.

I an happy to share this new offering and would be delighted to have you join me from the comfort of your own home.

Teleclass Audio Recordings

Please note that mp3 recordings for the two previous teleclasses listed below are available for purchase for $20 each. Please send your email address with purchase request before using the payment link on this page. Payments may also be made by e-transfer. Thank you.

1. Soul Renewal: Journey to the Akasha Healing Sanctuaries

Have you been feeling exhausted and depleted on a soul level? Overwhelmed with handling conflict and chaos around you? Do you wish you could just find the time and a quiet place to rest and recharge? Here’s your invitation for a Journey to the Akasha Healing Sanctuaries, an etheric spa for your soul.

Imagine a calm and peaceful place where you can soak in healing waters and be soothed by the frequencies of crystal temples. Wash away lifetimes of exhaustion and fatigue and be deeply restored at the core of your being.  Meet your team of empathic healers that are ready to assist to you in a most gentle yet powerful way.

You don’t need to pack a bag or take and airplane, simply relax in the comfort of your home and listen in by phone.

I will guide you into a light meditative state, show you how to clear your energy field of disharmonic frequencies and connect with your unique energy signature and luminous spirit body. We will journey to the Akasha Healing Sanctuaries, a realm in our cosmos where peaceful co-existence with creation is experienced. This is a special plane now open to help us restore our memory, heal our bodies and souls and assist us on our ascension journey. There dwell benevolent light beings who are deeply empathic and understand how difficult life on earth has been for lightworkers, indigos, star seeds and sensitives. Your team of helpers, healers and guides is waiting for your arrival.

2. Understand & Clear Your Karmic Patterns
Gain deeper understanding of how karma works, how it directly affects your life and what you can do release it. Karma is an unseen force that compels you to repeat particular patterns and experiences.  You carry karmic imprints from your current incarnation, other lifetimes, your parents, ancestors, race, planetary and galactic events. Without understanding karma, you can feel victimized by karmic events. Through understanding the many layers of karmic imprints that are affecting your life, you can begin to work with them consciously, release yourself from repeating the same patterns again and again and remember your true life mission.

Some of the benefits of understanding karmic patterns:

  • let go of negative self judgments and feel compassion for your self and others

  • clear insight on past choices

  • a peaceful knowingness the you are on the right track, learning your life lessons

  • re-align with your divine blueprint and life mission  

  • make new choices that will lead you into the reality that your heart knows is possible to create

In this teleclass you will learn:

  • How the wheels of karma that create your current life situation

  • Why it has been so difficult to liberate yourself from karmic patterns

  • How this current time on earth is a unique opportunity for karmic clearing

  • A meditation practice to access your higher selves and  higher dimensional healing frequencies for transmuting karmic imprints

Join me as I share deeper insights on karma that I have gather through my many years of work in the akashic records, my healing practice, personal healing work and study of yogic philosophy and karmic astrology.

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What is a guided journey?
When you are in a slightly altered state of consciousness, similar to the state between waking and sleeping, your awareness is very subtle and you can more easily pass between dimensions of consciousness or bands of frequency. In yoga this state is called yoga nidra or yogic sleep. It is a most deeply restorative and restful state. While your body is in a state of deep rest your higher mind wakes up. In this state you connect to your subtle spirit bodies which can travel freely to other dimensions and states of consciousness. It is similar to a light dream state.

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