Spring 2011: Time to Seed Your Soul Purpose

It’s spring in Vancouver! I love seeing nature wake up after winter hibernation, feeling the quickening energy and aligning myself with the accelerated growth that this season brings.  Spring always excites the gardener in me. I recently went with a friend to Seedy Saturday at VanDusen Gardens and met many wonderful people who collect, save and disseminate seeds to ensure the flourishing of our plant families. Even though my friend and I don’t currently have garden space, we envisioned future gardens as we looked at the packets of seeds. That got me thinking about other seeds in my life that I would like to see blossom and how I can best cultivate the inner garden of my soul.

In my many years of spiritual searching, the one special seed I have been looking to find and grow is my soul purpose. The number one question that people have when they come to see me for an Akashic Record session is, ‘what is my soul purpose?’ And my question to the Record Keepers is ‘why do so many people not know what their soul purpose is?’ And here is what I have discovered……

Finding and Restoring Your Seed Purpose

There is a mass awakening happening on the planet. People are waking up and remembering that they are spiritual beings residing in physical form and that they are here for a reason. Have you felt that you have a special mission or purpose here on Earth, but you are not sure what it is? Perhaps you do have an idea of what your purpose is, but you can’t seem to translate that successfully into the 3rd dimensional world. What I see again and again, and what I have experienced myself, is much suffering, pain, doubt and shame about not knowing or being able to live your soul purpose. Perhaps you have been taught that only special, exceptionally gifted, spiritual masters or highly successful people get to know their purpose and live it while the rest of us just muddle around in the dark, living a sort of half- life.  And thus, maybe you have thought that you have nothing truly valuable to offer to the world or you are in someway not good enough or undeserving of a life purpose. Maybe you are afraid that you don’t have a purpose at all and therefore it is better not to know than have your fear confirmed. All of these thought forms inhibit your ability to connect with your purpose.

However, when you feel that you are missing something or that there is something wrong with you, that can actually be the beginning of reconnecting. Don’t get stuck in feeling bad about yourself, this is just your soul telling you to wake up and restore your purpose! I use the word restoring, rather than finding as restoring implies that it was once intact and it still exists in some form. Finding implies that you don’t have it, it is outside of you and you need to go get it from somewhere. But where? Is it hidden away in another dimension, a secret vault, the Akashic Records perhaps? Does somebody else have access to it and can get it for you – like a spiritual master, a psychic, an akashic record reader, a guru, angel, spirit guide? As it is often said, the truth can be standing right in front of us and we don’t see it if we expect it to be somewhere else. So, would you believe that your purpose is inside you, in fact, it is you? I sure didn’t when I was first told that by the Record Keepers!

So if our purpose exists in some form within us, why can’t we see it, feel it, know it and live it?? There is a beautiful metaphor that the Record Keepers have shown me again and again and that is that our purpose is like a seed stored within us. This seed is encoded with precise instructions on how to grow when it is placed in optimal growing conditions. If we don’t know it is there, it goes into a latent, dormant state. It is protected by a seed coat and there are often many extra layers of protection on top of that. As you know, seeds can be stored, under the right conditions, for many, many years. Those of us who are lightworkers, starseeds, harmonic beings, indigos or have always know we are somehow “different”, have been waiting for what has felt like an eternity for our optimal growing conditions!! But if you understand your purpose within the context of the great cosmic cycles of divine timing, you will see that you will germinate and grow at exactly the right moment. Just as a sunflower seed knows to start germinating in late spring not winter, so too does your soul know when it is time to grow your purpose.  With all of the cosmic activity going on, including the shift to the Unity wave of conscious in the Mayan calendar on March 9, 2011, the moment we have been waiting for is here. Thank goodness!

Growing Your Purpose

Great! So how do we retrieve our soul purpose seed out its protective vault and get it to grow? The Record Keepers assured me that this is not a great mystery and that I’d find a good answer on the Wikipedia website! So I typed in ‘seed’ and here’s what I found out about seed germination:

 “Three fundamental conditions must exist before germination can occur. (1) The embryo must be alive, called seed viability. (2) Any dormancy requirements that prevent germination must be overcome. (3) The proper environmental conditions must exist for germination.”

1) How do you know if your seed is still viable?

By remembering it is there, consciously connecting to your soul and restoring your soul essence. What is soul essence? It is the energy signature and life force energy that is the most subtle substance of your soul. You can think of it as your unique quantum of energy. Every living being has it and every quantum is part of the whole totality of creation.

Why do we need to restore it? Isn’t it just fine as it is? If we don’t know that we have a soul, let alone soul essence or soul bodies, we have no relationship to it and thus much of it is unused. And if you don’t use it, you lose it, quite literally. It is a precious resource. It is energy! If you don’t know you have it, you don’t use it and therefore other beings are more than happy to use it. Therefore it is vital to reclaim all of your energy from whomever or whatever you have consciously or unconsciously given it away to in order to restore your vitality. Working in your Soul Record enhances your ability to restore your soul essence.

2) How do you overcome the dormant seed state that prevents germination?

This stage is where we do our inner work. We each have built many layers of protection throughout various lifetimes in order to prevent our most tender places from further harm. When it is time to dismantle these structures we must work with respect and gratitude for the safety they have provided us. We know it is time for these old structures to soften when we feel discomfort, stuck or held back. This process is as unique and varied as the processes that plant seeds go through in order to release their seed coats and germinate.  Some seeds need light, heat, cold, water, dryness or cracking by external forces in order to soften or shed their seed coats. Often it is the very difficult or challenging experiences in our lives that crack our shell! Surrender to the process rather than resist and understand that you are always guided by divine grace.

3) What are your optimal growing conditions?

Think of these conditions first in terms of feeling states rather than material circumstances. What makes you feel spiritually connected, grounded, present, expanded? These could be joy, harmony, enthusiasm, curiosity, compassion, love or peace. Identify where and when you most feel these states. Is it when you are in nature, spending time with a particular person, with animals, an activity, a place? These will help you to identify the elements you need for rich, fertile soil.

There is also available to us at this time on Earth, spiritual and light energies that are supporting us to restore ourselves as the divine human beings we were meant to be. So remember to ask and connect to the greater subtle resources here to assist us and Earth to sprout into the next phase of evolution! We have been through a long cycle of forgetting, disconnection and polarity on Earth. We have forgotten who we are, why we are here and our true history as a divine human race. We are currently entering a cycle of remembering, connection and unity. Our Soul Records are being restored to us as one of the keys to help us restore wholeness and harmony.

Enjoy cultivating your gardens and tending the seeds of your soul!


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