Soul Essence Akasha

Welcome to the Inter~Stellar Soul Portal.

You probably found your way here because you are in the midst of the wonderful and wacky  journey of a soul waking up and remembering the eternal truth of who you are. This is very challenging and difficult at times! The good news is that you are not alone in your awakening process. The whole planet, every being on it, our galaxy and beyond are undergoing a massive shift at this point in time.  However, there are ways to skillfully navigate change and transformation. I'm glad you've found me and I'm happy to assist you with insights and tools for your journey.

I offer a unique process to assist you to:

  • release and clear old karmic patterns
  • heal old wounds and traumas from multiple lifetimes
  • align with your original divine purpose
  • make peace with yourself, your experiences, relationships, connection to Source
  • make empowered new life choices
  • trust your inner guidance and wisdom
  • remember your unique energy signature and spiritual family
  • step off the path of suffering and walk on the path of joy and beauty

Your Living Memory Matrix and Akashic Records

I facilitate access to your living memory matrix and Akashic field. When the gateways to these planes of higher consciousness and wisdom are open, profound healing and understanding are available to you. I hold a safe, compassionate and expanded space for you to explore and experience the bigger picture of who you are. We can review multiple incarnations and timelines to uncover patterns that have blocked your natural energy flow and restore your ability to co-create directly with Source.

Have you experienced any of these feelings?

  • Do you feel your life is lacking meaning? Do you feel anxious, exhausted, irritated?
  • Do your relationships or work feel unfulfilling or challenging?
  • Have you been working very hard to heal and fix yourself and feel frustrated with your results?
  • Are you highly sensitive to energies, people, environmental conditions?
  • Do you wonder who you are, why you are here and where you came from? 
  • Have you ever felt like you were dropped off on the wrong planet at the wrong time, without an instruction manual?
  • Has life felt confusing, lonely, weird, harsh and painful? 
  • Do you feel like an old soul, trapped in cycles of karmic suffering for eons? 
  • Do you feel held back or wounded by difficult experiences?
  • Do you wonder if God-Source has abandoned you? 
  • Do you feel you have a special purpose or mission but you can't clearly remember what it is? 
  • Do you feel disappointed or depressed that you haven't been able to live your life and create your reality in the way you know is possible?
  • Do you long for peace, harmony, freedom, connection and love?

I am here to assist you.
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