Soul Essence Akasha

SOund Playshop

Sunday, January 30, 2011

1-4pm at Sonic Temple

During this playshop we will be exploring many dimensions of sound. You
will be guided through a series of interactive sound and movement
exercises in a safe and playful sacred container that supports your exploration of sounding and listening. We will also interact sonically with others to explore spontaneous improvising and communication through sound.

Learn how to sound from your heart space, resonate your body with sound frequencies that tune you to your spirit and shift your mental / emotional state through sound. Liberate your vocal expression from limitation and conditioning and explore your authentic vocal expression. All levels and abilities welcome! Come and play with us!

The Sonic Temple is located at 2120 Front St in North Vancouver, just east of the second narrows bridge, off Dollarton Highway. If you are traveling by bus it is a 10 minute walk from Phibbs Exchange. The Sonic Temple is a unique space, created withsacred geometry and sound technologies to increase positive vibrational frequencies.

The playshop is $25. Please contact Catherine at to register.

SOund Activation Journey

Elemental Soup:

Sound Nourishment to Warm the Soul

with Sonically Amourous:
Catherine Malone and Amaya O'Duir

Friday, November 26
7 - 9:30pm
at the Sonic Temple

2120 Front St, North Vancouver

Join us for a transformational prayerformance in which we synthesize and alchemize the Elements and 7 Sacred Directions in an improvisational sound healing journey.

Relax, listen deeply and expand while we vocally sound weave earthlight and starshine frequencies to open inter-dimensional portals and restore your divine blueprint. Experience awakening of deep body-memory and soul tribe reconnection as we channel and transmit healing vibrations from the realms of the Unified Voice. Nourish your soul with sound and energize your evolution!

RSVP and register online at

Doors open at 7pm, concert begins at 7:30pm.

Please arrive early to settle in and enjoy the ambiance of the Sonic Temple. If you have not yet attended an event at the Sonic Temple, you are in for a rare treat! It was specifically created as a sacred healing space with sacred geometry and unique holographic sound and energy technologies to induce rapid transformation of negative energy. Parking is available and car pooling is encouraged! If you are traveling by bus, it is a short walk from Phibbs Exchange.

Sonically Amourous is a creative HEARTnership between Catherine Malone and Amaya O'Duir. We distill harmonic elixirs, mix sonic-tonics and brew frequency infusions of exotic Voice. We've gathered our Sound Medicines through extensive years of study in healing alchemy, magik, sacred sexual embodiment, deep listening, mantra, nada yoga, akashic wisdom, play, theatre, storytelling, improvisational music, spoken word and the Languages of Light.

We are Sonic Midwives assisting you to birth your own authentic expression and attune the sound of your soul through prayerformances, playshops and customized, private healing sessions.

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