December 2011

Tending Your Inner Hearth Fire

Here we are, spiraling quickly towards the longest night of the year. As the days get colder and the nights longer, we spend much more time inside. If we were attuned to the cycles of light and season, we would be gathering our energy and attention inward, rather than dashing about in the frenzy of the holiday season. While the holiday time can be full of delights and joyful celebration it can also be quite stressful. If we were to take our cue from past times more attuned to natural cycles, we would be gathering together around the hearth fires to share warmth, stories, food and sleep and ensure we have all the resources for the long winter ahead. Alas, this is not the scenario for most of us currently. Where can we find a brightly burning hearth to warm and nourish our spirit in those times when life feels dark, cold and lonely? What provides us with a deep inner peace and knowingness that all is well?

Your Inner Hearth Fire

Imagine yourself as a circular mansion with a central hearth fire in the middle that is like a beautiful gas fireplace with a pilot light that is always on. This represents what many spiritual teachings refer to as the God spark or eternal flame within. The gas that keeps the flame burning is Source consciousness/energy. From this main fire all the fires in each of the other rooms of your mansion can be lit. However, we forget that we have this central fire eternal flame within us when we become too focused externally. So we become very busy running around from one fire to the other. If we neglect these small fires, they can easily go out so we have to constantly gather any kind of fuel we can find to keep each of our little fires burning. We can become very exhausted feeding all these fires and very sad when we find ourselves in a cold, dark room with no fire in the hearth. Our central hearth fire, however, never goes out completely, even when we neglect it.

Tending Your Fire

When we tend this sacred inner fire it glows brighter and stronger. Think of someone who seems to exude a sense of peace and quiet goodness even under challenging circumstances and this would be someone who takes time to tend their inner fire. So, how do you tend your inner fire? First, you remember you have it and that, in fact, you are it. Without it, you simply wouldn’t be having this life experience. Sounds simple, however, currently life on earth is so full of distractions that keep us in a state of forgetfulness of our true nature. Remembering can be as simple as breathing with conscious awareness while visualizing your inner flame or feeling the beauty of this inner light glowing within other beings and the elements from which everything is created.

If we were to locate this sacred fire in our bodies, most people would say it is in the heart. And indeed, the heart chakra is where we can experience our eternal nature along with the ever shifting states from love and joy to sorrow and heartbreak. However, if you go just above the heart centre, to the high heart, there you will find the seat of your embodied inner eternal flame. This is the often neglected and forgotten 8th chakra located just below the clavicles in the area of your thymus gland. It is a key point in our subtle anatomy for the circulation of the larger flows of life giving energy from the god source fields. It is here that we can merge our consciousness with our inner eternal flame and experience the deeply sustaining peace and inner knowingness that embraces all that we are.

Click here to listen to the Inner Flame Meditation

When your inner hearth fire burns bright and clear its warm glow infuses all of your experiences and you can joyfully share your warm glow with others. This is perhaps the most enduring gift you can give yourself and others. Take time to celebrate the spirit of inner Christmas and return of the inner light on solstice this season.

Bright blessings!



Beloved Winter


fall from dark skies in crystalline kisses

lay out a bed of sparking whiteness 

and I shall welcome thee gladly.

Nestled into your long dark embrace 

as you whisper stories of the Ancient Ones

into my hungry ears,

and drive me in with your biting breath

to seek shelter at my own heart's hearth

~c. malone


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