August 2011 : Your Infinite Self

Happy summer! Is anyone feeling that beneath all the sunshine something is looming? Okay, yes, we are well past the solstice and fall is just around the corner and while those of you in Ontario may be longing for a little coolness, here on the westcoast are finally getting some heat! So here we are, poised at the zenith of summer, savouring its delights with a hint of August melancholy, knowing we need to soon prepare for the transition of the seasons. I’ve been reflecting on the greater transition we are undergoing as we approach 2012 and shift of major time cycles. Clearly we are in transition on all levels. We can be fairly sure that fall is coming, however what’s coming next on a personal and planetary level?

On a planetary level, we are currently in a blended reality field in which we can experience a finite or limited energy field and an infinite or unity energy field. Which means that things like scarcity and global domination agendas coexist with the generous goodness of the human heart and creative initiatives for alternate currencies, healing modalities and resources. On a personal level, we can be operating from two identities at the same time, one limited and one expanded. The old identity structure is limited, uni-dimensional, fragmented, ego-fear based. The expanded identity structure is infinite, multi-dimensional and knows itself to be connected to the greater whole of creation.  We are very familiar with operating in a closed, limited, finite structure that tells us we are separate from Source, there is not enough and therefore we must take from others in order to survive, while operating in a reality field of unity and oneness is   quite new. So if you try to figure out what’s coming next from limited self, your options and choices are severely limited.

Limited Self, Limited Answers
When your uni-dimensional identity tries to interface with the unity field it simply isn’t equipped to do so. It has been surviving on limited resources, a limited sense of who you are, where you came from and why you are here. It has been living in a state of amnesia! When you ask your limited self the question, ‘who are you?’ the true answer is actually, ‘I don’t know’. Rather than your limited ego saying ‘I don’t know the answer’ – which it hates to do!- it will make up some  story based on its limited resources. We all know this part of ourselves, it allowed us to survive in often harsh, difficult or extremely challenging circumstances. However, now we can access the bigger story. This is why more of us can now access our multi-dimensional memories through the Soul Records. It is, quite simply, our birthright to know who we truly are, why we are here and where we came from. Does your limited self know that your infinite self exists? Maybe you have a vague concept of what that could be, but what would it be like to experience that as real? By getting to know our infinite self, we are able to provide much more expanded answers to these key questions, including what our purpose is.

Get Acquainted With Your Infinite Self
We can choose to remain identified with our limited self and continue as per usual until we run out of quantum energy or we can take a quantum leap into the unity field and meet our infinite self. Sound overwhelming? You may be asking, who is going to teach me how to do this and where is my instruction manual?! Did I really sign up for this? Yes you did, otherwise you wouldn’t be here on earth in a physical body. Why did you show up at this particular point in time? The answer can be found by simply showing up right now, as you are. Ask your higher or infinite self, how can I be of service in this moment? What can I give? What experience am I now ready to co-create with my infinite self? Be patient, an answer will come, maybe not in the form you expect it to! If you had infinity to create with (which you do!) what would you create? Think big and start small. What if you had unlimited resources available to you? Yep, you may really need to stretch your imagination on this one! The best way to become better acquainted with your infinite self is to stretch the boundaries of your finite self. And if your limited self feels overstretched, maybe it is time to let go of that part of yourself. And that’s okay. We don’t need to bring everything with us on this journey.

Lighten UP
In fact, it is much easier if you lighten your load, quite literally, become more LIGHT. Get acquainted with the faster moving frequencies of light that your infinite, higher self holds for you. Let it come in and release your burdens. Invite the light into your deepest, darkest, densest places. If you don’t invite it in, it may just barge right in when you least expect it and things can look chaotic when that happens! Think of guests suddenly showing up when your house is a mess. Yikes! So, clean up your house now! That is, release and clear away crystallized thought forms, frozen emotions, karmic imprints and distorted coding. Clear out dense, slow vibrating energy, so that you are able to accommodate and integrate more subtle, fast vibrating energies. Focus on what you truly want to create and unplug from what drains you.

Inspired Choices
This takes practice, believe me, it is not easy! Imagine how it would feel to not be dragged around by negative thoughts and emotions. Imagine how it would feel to be an active, fully empowered creator. Think of all the goodness inside you just bursting to come out. And, goodness knows, we need more goodness in the world right now. What can you do right now to spread some of your infinite goodness? How can you bring out the positive in your self and others? Ask your infinite self. The balance of many worlds depend on each little action you take each moment. No pressure! Allow that to inspire your choices.


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